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Mike Schmid

Wyoming has given much to me, and I feel privileged and compelled to give back.  I am blessed to have been raised in this part of Wyoming with the opportunity to build a successful business from the ground up.

The company I founded, SOS Well Services, employs 60 people in the energy sector. We pay employees the best wages market conditions allow, offer full benefit packages, and still I watch them struggle because of forces beyond their control. I cannot stand by in good conscience and watch out of touch state leaders continue to grow the state coffers by billions on the backs of the many workers in Wyoming who make our state great. Everyday people must live within their means and make tough spending choices, and the government should be required to do the same.

It is immoral to burden taxpayers with skyrocketing taxes depriving them of money they need, while the state collects and spends their money without regard. Hard working Wyomingites trying to raise a family during these tough economic times are feeling a hard pinch. After the dust settled only one meaningful property tax bill was passed into law this legislative session, granting an exemption for a small number of senior citizens. I am glad a limited few residents will get some relief, but the plight of the vast majority of taxpayers was ignored. If elected I will fight to give every resident of HD 20 a tax break. It pains me to see hard working families left out in the cold because politics works against them time and time again.

With the many challenges facing Wyomingites right now electing a true statesman to represent you in House District 20 who will prioritize your interests and focus on the common good is critical. We are at a crossroads in Wyoming and strong leadership and redirection of governmental priorities are necessary to right the ship. This year a slim majority of the legislature passed and the governor signed a massive budget which increased spending over one billion dollars, roughly thirty percent higher than the preceding budget. Money was allocated for a wide assortment of new programs and projects which will not benefit the vast majority of residents.  

To ensure that I am able to serve you and only you, I will not pursue endorsements from special interest groups, nor accept campaign contributions from organizations or political action committees. The only endorsement I will seek is that of the hard-working people and families in House District 20.

Mike Schmid Republican

My Family

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