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The Issues

Fiscal Responsibility

Responsible Wildlife Management

Prioritizing fiscal policies that reflect budgetary restraint while accommodating the needs of constituents is essential. Legislators must prioritize implementation of necessary reform in the best interest of people, including universal property tax relief for all residents.

Wyoming wildlife is not only a local treasure we all appreciate and enjoy, it draws people from across the globe to our state. Wildlife management has become politicized, and it is imperative that decisions made by the legislature and the executive branch foster thriving wildlife populations through well thought out policy formation and implementation.

Support Bedrock Industries

Maintaining the viability of agriculture, oil and gas, and mining is vital to the economy of Wyoming. These industries are fundamental to our continued prosperity and way of life, and must be protected against influences threatening our economic viability. Prioritizing business sustainability while exploring opportunities to attract industries that complement Wyoming's values and the lifestyle we hold dear will ensure continued economic growth and stability and protect the way of life we cherish.

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